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A summer in Jordan as a Gilman scholar

I can’t believe it, but I am going to Jordan this summer! This would not be possible if it wasn’t for me being selected as a Gilman Scholar! I received the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, a scholarship which granted funding to do my chosen study abroad. I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity, both as a scholar and as an eager traveler.

I will be spending a month and a half in Amman, Jordan with International Studies Abroad. I will have an apartment in the heart of Amman, and take classes at al-ahliyya amman university. I will also have the opportunity to do volunteer work with refugee communities, something I am very passionate about. Not to mention I’ll be able to finally experience the Middle East and get back to traveling! I am so excited to share my journey with you guys on my blog! I will be leaving in June, so stay posted!

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Help my friend

Sorry this is kind of off topic guys, but would you be willing to take a look at this petition? A friend of mine went through a rigorous process for applying to a large scholarship to study abroad in Germany for a year, fully covered. He was selected. He turned down all colleges, all other scholarships and started to prepare his life for Germany. However, when this scholarship program found out he suffered from an anxiety disorder (when he filled out medical forms and was honest with them) they revoked his scholarship only a month before departure, completely messing up his life plans. Please take a look at this petition for more details, and possibly sign it so we can give him a chance to stand up for himself (they never gave him a chance to appeal. even his doctor was willing to write a recommendation for him, but they would not take it) this is a form of discrimination. Please consider signing this petition! http://www.change.org/petitions/yfu-youth-for-understanding-usa-allow-marcos-cortes-to-appeal-their-decision-that-revoked-his-scholarship-2


Last night I could barely tell my host sister I was exhausted and wanted to sleep (they invited to go out at like 11..but i was slowly dying lol) I spent forever just tying to get that across, even though I knew all the vocab for such…yet this morning I am able to have a fairly speedy conversation with my host mother, in Arabic, about how I have gained scholarships to live my dreams from schools and government, and spoke a little about my family life (with little to no charades)…Why does the Arabic side of my brain insist on turning off and on? lol. In any case. thanks to Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic Studies I have indeed learned a lot these past two weeks 🙂 I would have never been able to talk about scholarships, government or anything related before coming here. 6 weeks lefts!
keep checking back because I’ll be posting more logs and photos! My next topic is going to be donation and “beggars” on the Moroccan streets. I have a bit on my mind about that subject.


Before Morocco I had a fortune from a cookie that read “you will be traveling and coming into fortune” . I placed it inside a small bag, which I use as a wallet, for safe keeping. I thought it would be cool..you know..

As I strolled with a friend through a major souq in Rabat, i found myself amazed by how vast it was, and how it differed so greatly from the U.S and Korea. Busy with people, busting with energy, the smell of street food (that I have not yet grown to trust) really made the entire experience.It reminded me, in ways, of the outdoor markets in Korea, but still it differed so greatly. I purchased a lovely flowing shirt with a tiger on it. Maybe cost roughly 10 bucks, and I’m completely in love with it.

Upon hailing a taxi, I soon realize with my friend and I that my wallet was missing. Beginning to panic, my friend gave me a hug and proceeded to give me a handful of money. He really was a big help with reducing my anxiety of loosing my wallet (which was a small bag) in Morocco. I was silly and by mistake this morning threw that that smaller bag in my back pack in a rush. Inside of it consisted of all my money and credit cards as well as identification. It was gone forever, and I headed back to my host families house to make an attempt at explaining, in arabic, that I think my money bag was stolen. Upon return to school the next morning, I am told there was a call that a man found my bag. Apparently it must have fallen out of my purse. He tracked me down because I had a piece of paper in the bag with the phone number to the school on it. When he arrived at the school, and gave me my bag back, everything was intact. In fact, he would not accecpt any kind of reward..he just said In Arabic to me over and over “Money is not a problem for me, please just watch what you do”. That’s when I found the fortune in my bag..”you will be traveling and coming into fortune”…yes…I was quite fortunate. Words cannot describe how incredibly grateful I feel to that honest man, and the luck by my side..

The Souq of Rabat, Morocco

CONFIRMED: Morocco bound!

Guess who just booked her ticket to Rabat, Morocco? Yeap! Me! 🙂 with that, it’s official that I will be studying at Qalam wa Lawh Arabic language institute in Rabat, Morocco! This institute has been very prompt with responding to all my emails. They have confirmed an airport pick-up for me, which will take me to the school – to which after I check in and pay my invoice my host family will be contacted to pick me up and thus would start my 8 week journey in Morocco! Best news is, it sounds like my university is going to grant me Fin. aid for this trip! be it with loans or some grants I already have, if everything works out alright and they approve it, I’ll be able to get direct travel insurance and aid from my university 🙂 This is just getting better and better!

Speaking of traveling abroad, I’m looking forward to apply for all these other scholarships I am trying for, to study abroad next spring and next summer as well. For Spring 2014, i’m trying to a full scholarship to do Semester at Sea (life long dream…..) and some funding for a semester in Akita, Japan. (I’d choose Semester at Sea if I got both because it goes to 13 different countries and Japan! ahhh~i want it!) I’m also going to be applying, yet again, for Arabic Critical Language Scholarship and a Scholarship to Oman as well.

If I don’t end up doing a semester abroad I will probably travel to Indonesia or India 🙂 (indonesia hopefully on a scholarship) but if I do a semester abroad, I’d miss Arabic and thus have to make it up over the summer.

Either way, traveltraveltravel.
My poor family is a nervous wreck, but after my success in Korea, they have grown to trust me that much more 🙂

سوف أذهب إلى المغرب، المغرب مرحبا!