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Hilo, Hawaii

Please don’t get me started on landsickness. Yea. You finally get used to the waves and then you set foot on land and you’re sick again. I had the worst possible headache while in Hawaii, but I did not let that keep me from having a good time!

In Hilo I ziplined through the rainforest! It was absolutely beautiful! I especially loved how I was always surrounded by natural edible fruits. From Banana’s to “icecream seeds” I found myself munching while flying through the trees. As soon as I get a better internet connection, I will upload pictures of some of the fruits and the ziplining. You can see some of my pictures on the side of my blog via instagram!

After I ziplined I took a pit stop to a Walmart to pick up some things I needed for the trip (such as a beach towel and snacks) and then a small group of friends and I went down town to get Sushi. Unfortunately, the Sushi joint we wanted to go to was over-packed, so we ended up eating at a little Indian place instead. I ended the night by heading back to my cabin to get some shut eye. When I woke up the next morning, I was in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii. The ship refueled there for about 6 hours and they would not let us off this ship during that time! I was so upset considering I lived in that very area not too long ago. I had to keep myself from sobbing at the window – it was such a tease.


12 countries in 112 days: My semester at sea

The MV explorer; my new home for the next 4 months!


Spring 2014 Semester at Sea blog!

Hey guys! Have not heard from anyone in a while, but of course this is because I have not posted in a while. I’ve been home, in Michigan, doing my usual university-work lineup. Nothing special, but as some of you may already knew, in one month I leave for a Semester at Sea!! My amazing experiences in South Korea and Morocco were simply not enough for this crazy girl. I am excited to blog about this amazing opportunity here on my little wordpress! Spread the word because honestly I want people to hear about this opportunity and be pushed to it as well in life!

Wait, what? Hold on a second Danni. What in the world is a Semester at Sea?
Well, put simply and quoting from the Semester at Sea homepage:
Semester at Sea is a multiple country study abroad program open to students of all majors emphasizing comparative academic examination, hands-on field experiences, and meaningful engagement in the global community. A wide variety of coursework from 20-25 disciplines is integrated with relevant field studies in up to a dozen countries, allowing for a comparative study abroad experience that is truly global. The University of Virginia is the program’s academic sponsor. Students from 250-300 colleges in the United States and the world participate on Semester at Sea each term. Credit earned is transferable to a student’s home institution.”

Let me get this straight: you’re going to be living on a ship?

You guessed it! I live on a ship in double occupancy cabins! There are classrooms, pool areas, salons, food courts, ball rooms, a library, book store, snack booth – you name it and it’s there, everything I need to thrive while at sea! Naturally in ports (and we are in ports an average of 5 days) I will be traveling around and staying in hotels and such. And host families! So far I have plans to stay with host families in multiple countries in order to get the full cultural experience!

Picture of one of the cabins on board

And where exactly are you going?
(Briefly Mexico) Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco(Yay! Back to Morocco!!) and London! Possibly more depending on my budget (Might hit a few countries when I debark in London, but that’s actually unlikely)


How can you afford this!?
Well, I can’t. If it was not for scholarships and a work-study I earned for Semester at Sea I would not be going. I received a merit scholarship, need based scholarship and was hired for a competitive work-study. I am awaiting on one more scholarship that is worth 10,000 through an honors society, but it is unlikely I will receive it. (Only one was available. And a girl mentioned to me since she is involved professionally with the program she will pull some strings, so I just applied for a good shot!) I am also taking out loans and emptying out my savings. Unless I get that last scholarship, I will be eating ramen noodles for a year after I return. Worth it.

Read more on my Semester at Sea on my wordpress at the tag https://elusiveambitions.wordpress.com/category/semester-at-sea-2/

If you guys have any more questions feel free to ask! I will be posting more about it as time gets closer! I also have a tumblr dedicated to Semester at Sea so feel free to follow me at