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Help my friend

Sorry this is kind of off topic guys, but would you be willing to take a look at this petition? A friend of mine went through a rigorous process for applying to a large scholarship to study abroad in Germany for a year, fully covered. He was selected. He turned down all colleges, all other scholarships and started to prepare his life for Germany. However, when this scholarship program found out he suffered from an anxiety disorder (when he filled out medical forms and was honest with them) they revoked his scholarship only a month before departure, completely messing up his life plans. Please take a look at this petition for more details, and possibly sign it so we can give him a chance to stand up for himself (they never gave him a chance to appeal. even his doctor was willing to write a recommendation for him, but they would not take it) this is a form of discrimination. Please consider signing this petition! http://www.change.org/petitions/yfu-youth-for-understanding-usa-allow-marcos-cortes-to-appeal-their-decision-that-revoked-his-scholarship-2