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Skydiving in South Africa!

Hi Guys!

I finally managed to get my skydiving video uploaded! Man, was it a blast. I’d do it again any day, that’s for sure.

Warning: strong language….Hey, when you’re falling from 10k feet..it happens


Two ways of life: bowing and bright lights.

Buddhism in South Korea is beautiful, for lack of a better word. And it’s no joke the discipline it takes to be one of this way of life. With today’s adventure to a Buddhist temple, I was able to pick up on a whole new level of Korea and the beautify it has to offer with it’s diversity of religion, in this case Buddhism. I bowed and did postures 108 times to repentance, ate a traditional organic Buddhist meal, met a Monk, and meditated – although I wasn’t very good at any of it (they made us clean our own dishes at the end of the meal! ahh. I’m horrible at cleaning) i still enjoyed it a lot, and found out people like me go away for days or weeks at a time to temples to connect with their inner selves and nature; given the chance, I would happily do such.

In the evening I took a nap from 7pm to 10pm, and then left with my rommate and two other scholars to explore South Korea. We got in a cab, used what little Korean we knew to get around, and ended up in a shopping district. We poked our heads inside shops, street food stands, bars and night clubs. The night club ended up having a promotion, where we were allowed to enter under two conditions: of age(19), and you must stay for 30 minutes! They had just opened, and the place was amazing, nothing like U.S night clubs. Lights, Music and Korean dance style! The girls danced and made faces and expressions and gestures of cute animals – they were so darn adorable!

So far I am having a great time. I’m beyond tired, and it all feels surreal. I If you have any questions about the CIEE South Korea Scholarship do not be afraid to ask! 🙂 I encourage any high school student or university student (in the U.S) to apply! The high school application should be out very soon, so you have ample time!!! The university one will be out in December.