Go-Abroad Opportunities

NOTE: Sorry, but a lot of these scholarships are aimed at U.S citizens. However, not all are. For example, some just require you to be a resident, or nothing at all. You need to click on the sites and read all eligibility. Mostly, just be proficient in English, and if you’re reading this I’m sure you are ^___^ – but if you need any help, let me know and comment below, or “ask me anything” on my tumblr which is linked at the bottom of my “About The Blogger” page!

*Adults out of university who are interested in travel opportunities please do not hesitate to drop and comment with your interests; chances are I know of a few ideas for ya!


National Geographic Contests and Scholarships :


Go overseas volunteer scholarship – 1k scholarship to volunteer abroad


Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) – 8 weeks during the
summer for all Undergraduates and Graduates – fully paid for. Some programs such as Indonesian, Hindi and Korean do NOT require any previous study and complete beginners are welcome to apply!

William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship @ American University of Dubai – Apply for an almost-full scholarship to study at the American University of Dubai for a summer or fall/spring semester. Includes tuition and room. (does not include board, texts, transportation or extracurricular activities)

 International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) – Cheap volunteer programs. about 300 a week, or 3,000 for 6 months

Boren Scholarship – up to 20k granted for an academic year abroad in a target language (IE Arabic, Chinese) there is a service requirement if you are granted

Fulbright – for graduating seniors or graduates only. Receive grants and support to learn and or teach English abroad, also see Critical Language Enhancement Awards for more support with a Fulbright grant

Semester at Sea Presidential Scholars – Full ride to participate in a semester at sea – you need initiative!

Ibn Batutta Merit Scholarship – Full scholarships or half scholarships to study abroad for a summer or semester in Morocco. 260 hours (or 2 years) of Arabic study requirement. Does not include airfare.

Fund for Education Abroad – 5-10k grants for students studying abroad for at least 4 weeks.

(After Graduation) Doha Arabic Study – full scholarship to study in Qatar for an academic year after completing BA degree.

(india, pune) Well priced program for academic year – http://www.keiabroad.org/programs/fees.php

SQCC Summer Arabic Language and Media (SALAM) –  full scholarships to study in Oman http://www.sqcc.org/scholarships-fellowships

Georgetown Qatar Scholarship – must have recently completed BA or MA, two years or more Arabic study required; full academic year covered

INDONESIAN ARTS AND CULTURE SCHOLARSHIP – Study in Indonesia on a full scholarship from May to September, studying Art and culture (those with pervous study with Indonesia or a talent in art are especially encouraged to apply) http://www.kemlu.go.id/Pages/InformationSheet.aspx?IDP=71&l=id

Indonesia 10-week intensive program – Program in Indonesia to study language intensively for 10 weeks at GMU – much like a scholarship, competitive but if selected only costs 2,000 which covered EVERYTHING including airfare

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship – scholarship of up to 8,000 to study abroad with programs of at least 4weeks in length. (Scholarship amount varies based on many factors such as program length. Must be receiving Pell Grant to qualify)

Personal, but may be of interest to you: DC internship opportunity. Housing not included but accommodation is possible to find.

(housing) – http://internsdc.com/

(internship) http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/internships/program

Job opportunities for Teaching English Abroad
Wall Street Institute
Dave’s ESL Cafe

High School Abroad programs:
NSLI-Y :  http://www.nsliforyouth.org/
CBYX: http://www.usagermanyscholarship.org/
YES: http://www.yesprograms.org/yesabroad
YFU: http://yfuusa.org/american-students/scholarships.php


Master’s Degree Programs (Scholarships) In Europe:
In General:  http://www.scholars4dev.com/8647/europe-scholarships-international-students/

Switzerland: http://www.scholars4dev.com/9763/eth-zurich-excellence-masters-scholarship-program/

Netherlands: http://www.scholars4dev.com/2808/scholarships-for-high-potential-international-students-at-maastricht-university/

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES)

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students


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