Exploring Ghana


As my Semester at Sea voyage neared an end, we approached one of our final ports: Ghana. Ghana would be one of the most difficult ports yet, being a somewhat small and underdeveloped country, with a rich and bustling culture. I will do this blog post mostly with photos and descriptions.

Enjoy! 🙂


DSC01911 DSC01918

One sure thing Ghana will be remembered for is how women carry and sells various things while balancing it on their head – It’s pretty cool! Traffic in Ghana can get pretty bad, so these women (and children as well) take advantage of this by walking up to cars and offering all sorts of goods. Between water, bread, and fried squash, it was really something cool to experience! The bread they sell is so soft and sweet, and the fried squash taste kinda like a giant french fry but fried in coconut oil!

DSC02270 DSC02186

I was given the chance to visit a Children’s school! We played with the children in between breaks; they tackled us for the stickers we brought them! These children really wanted to be picked up and acknowledged. The school was rather poor, mostly outdoors, and there was a hut in the back where a women was making food in a strange somehow surreal looking outdoor kitchen. It was like looking into a different era: a huge bowl of oats cooking over an outdoor fire. Never mind is was over 100 degrees outside.

DSC02719 DSC02730 DSC02751

I got to hike to a really amazing waterfall! We even experienced a giant swam of bats above us that flew out of the mountain. Our shoes were later covered in bat poo..oh well.


and of course can’t forget the wild monkeys that we fed bananas to


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