Wild and Free: South Africa!

First off, yes SAS is over, and it has been over for a little over two months now. I do apologize for the lack of blog posts; but as soon as I got home I transitioned to an Arabic Language summer Institute in Texas which pretty much kicked my butt. Better late than never: Here’s South Africa! 😀

South Africa was an experience I can NEVER forget! I am sad I didn’t get to do a safari or scuba-dive, but at this point in the trip my budget was dwindling so I picked and chose my expenses carefully…and dare I say it..I HAVE NO REGRETS!

For me, South Africa kicked off with a host family stay in a local town-ship – These are often underdeveloped urban areas that, until the end of the Apartheid era of South Africa, were initially used as a segregation neighborhood for non-white South Africans.

This was a simple, over-night experience which was pretty neat! The neighborhood kids all taught us games and dances, the family (which was a huge family crammed into one tiny home) was very nice and humorous; they cooked us delicious meals and told us all about their lives in South Africa!

Following my host family experience,I gathered some friends and we headed out to Hike the famous Table Mountain! This beautiful mountain has a flat top and looks over the city of Cape Town, reaching just over 3,500 ft in the air. I was a little said because my friends did not want to take the rough rout, which included a lot of climbing. Instead, we took a kiddy rout. Or so I thought. IT WAS NOTHING BUT STAIRS! I hate stairs! But, in the end it was worth it. On the way up we pulled over for lunch which we packed, and at some point I ran out of water….I was pretty sure I was going to die until I turned the corner to see a water-fall. best part? Table Mountain is known for her beautiful drinkable natural water! I was saved! and it was so fresh and tasty too!

At the top, we watched the sun set, bought some souvenirs, and took the cable car down. I looked up at the beautiful stars in the sky through the clearing of our cable-car.


The day after table-mountain was another sky-high adventure.
except I was falling..from the sky
actually from 10,000 feet. Table Mountain looked like a tiny spec.
(picture coming later, got to extract it from a DVD)
It was……AMAZING! Again! Again!

My last two days consisted of me and some friends visiting a Cheetah Outreach and meeting and petting cheetahs! I got to play with a cheetah, guys! Afterward the rest of my time was spent relaxing at the water-fronts mall, using wifi, listening to live music, and eating lots of yummy foods! I also spent some time on the famous Long-Street – known for their amazing bars and clubs! oh and can’t forget I also went to a local soccer game!! Which also consisted of us being stranded at the end of the game due to lack of Taxis…and the cops had to give us a ride..ahh, good times!



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