Hilo, Hawaii

Please don’t get me started on landsickness. Yea. You finally get used to the waves and then you set foot on land and you’re sick again. I had the worst possible headache while in Hawaii, but I did not let that keep me from having a good time!

In Hilo I ziplined through the rainforest! It was absolutely beautiful! I especially loved how I was always surrounded by natural edible fruits. From Banana’s to “icecream seeds” I found myself munching while flying through the trees. As soon as I get a better internet connection, I will upload pictures of some of the fruits and the ziplining. You can see some of my pictures on the side of my blog via instagram!

After I ziplined I took a pit stop to a Walmart to pick up some things I needed for the trip (such as a beach towel and snacks) and then a small group of friends and I went down town to get Sushi. Unfortunately, the Sushi joint we wanted to go to was over-packed, so we ended up eating at a little Indian place instead. I ended the night by heading back to my cabin to get some shut eye. When I woke up the next morning, I was in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii. The ship refueled there for about 6 hours and they would not let us off this ship during that time! I was so upset considering I lived in that very area not too long ago. I had to keep myself from sobbing at the window – it was such a tease.


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