Hilo, Hawaii

Please don’t get me started on landsickness. Yea. You finally get used to the waves and then you set foot on land and you’re sick again. I had the worst possible headache while in Hawaii, but I did not let that keep me from having a good time!

In Hilo I ziplined through the rainforest! It was absolutely beautiful! I especially loved how I was always surrounded by natural edible fruits. From Banana’s to “icecream seeds” I found myself munching while flying through the trees. As soon as I get a better internet connection, I will upload pictures of some of the fruits and the ziplining. You can see some of my pictures on the side of my blog via instagram!

After I ziplined I took a pit stop to a Walmart to pick up some things I needed for the trip (such as a beach towel and snacks) and then a small group of friends and I went down town to get Sushi. Unfortunately, the Sushi joint we wanted to go to was over-packed, so we ended up eating at a little Indian place instead. I ended the night by heading back to my cabin to get some shut eye. When I woke up the next morning, I was in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii. The ship refueled there for about 6 hours and they would not let us off this ship during that time! I was so upset considering I lived in that very area not too long ago. I had to keep myself from sobbing at the window – it was such a tease.


Semester at Sea – ship life

My seasickness is wearing off, finally. Maybe it’s the medications, who knows. But whatever it is, it’s working. I have a bit of a sore throat, and the rocking is giving me a bit of a headache… but hey, I’m getting there.

My first day of classes went well – I especially like my Global Music course. It’s just amazing to compare all kinds of music around the world! And I mean, our professor has a lovely British/Africans accent so it makes her lectures that much more enjoyable. I also had a meeting today with my boss and co-workers. I was granted a work-study for Semester at Sea, so I have to work 2 hours a day. One hour I work reception at an activities desk, and the other hour I am the assistant to one of the Resident Directors, where I will help with managing clubs and events. Specifically, my position is in the diversity department of student life. I will help to maintain intercultural communication and understanding throughout the ship community, which includes things such as “students of color” and “LGBT” clubs.

I am excited for tomorrow. The Work Study crew has an on-sight training in a VIP cabin (basically a really huge cabin room!) and there we will have training as well as a specially made dinner just for us, free of charge (YES! <3) To end the night I made myself some hot coco I brought from home and sat outside with a friend just talking in general about life. The ocean is so beautiful, but also terrifying. It’s really something amazing to watch.

I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, but I am making friends and am being as social as possible (because truth is, I like socializing. It just terrifies me sometimes) However, I did eat dinner alone today. I know I could have sat with a random group of people and they would have accepted me with open arms, but sometimes it’s nice to have “me” time where I can just live in my own mind, free of conversation obligations. I usually have breakfast and lunch with my roommate and another friend down the hall. :] A combination of that, and my me time..it’s a perfect balance.

Anyway, as the ship braves through a storm, and my drawers constantly open and close, I am going to try and get some shut eye. Cya!

Semester at Sea – first days

Mother of god…sea sickness is horrible! Shortly after I ate dinner with a few students and the ship took off I lost it. I took some free motion sickness meds they gave out and actually that made me worse. Thank God for the clinic on board; I was able to go get a shot in my back (ow…) which took instant effect and then they prescribed me a 3-day motion sickness patch which I will put on in the morning.

Over all, as for the program itself, it’s going really smooth. I ended up missing a couple assemblies due to me being so sick, but luckily in our rooms we are able to watch a live recording of them via our mini tv. The cabins are not nearly as bad as I thought. Small, yes, but plenty of storage space. I love the bathrooms. Tiny, but the shower Is perfect with wonderful unlimited hot water. My bed in comfy. I feel less homesick cuddling my blankie my aunt gave me (which is fortunately covered in cat hair <3) a fox, and my fottie pjs. And, the free email systems works okay. I am able to get up with friends and family pretty well.

I am a little stressed trying to get travel arrangements for some other countries set up. Students keep dropping out of programs I created and I think the tour companies are going to hate me by the time we get there…ah, such is life.

Facility on the ship truly are cheery and kind-hearted. I have to get some bills from the ATM when we get to Hawaii to tip our cleaning guy with.

Anyway, wrapping it up. I am going to have the ship rock me to sleep so I can try and get up at 7am tomorrow. Plan to take a friend to the clinic so she can also get a shot (she’s worse off than me :[ ) and then we’ll attempt to hold down breakfast together – hah. Funn. And I start classes at around 2pm! Also gotta find my work-study boss…still don’t know my schedule. Last I heard, he got the sea-sickness happy-fun-time as well.

Hawaii in 5 -6 days! Can’t wait to zipline, upload some pics, and over all just soak up the sun!
Then 12 days from Hawaii to Japan..I better be over this by then!

Sailor out! :]