Hurcules Caves

What did the Berbers do? Well these guys created some pretty cool caves, I know that much!
Being in Morocco I sure did learn a lot about the Berber civilization I once knew absolutely nothing about. Between their language, their customes, and their amazing nomad roots, it was amazing to experience a completely new culture. Morocco isn’t completely Arab ya’know! you’d really be surprised!

Here’s something in particular I really fancied: the Hercules Caves of Tangier Morocco! It started out as a natural small cave with just two opening, but upon discovery of it with the Berber tribes, it was soon carved and created into something considerably larger!

Tourists simply stayed high, taking some pictures and being on their way. No way was that enough for me. I just HAD to get my paws down into the cave area! I was pretty high up, and you look down to cave openings, ridges, and water (which sadly it was low tide, but at high tide people actually dive in!) I changed into a pair of shorts, and climbed my way down! It was an amazing experience! I ducked my way into small areas, local fishermen chuckled at me, I climbed my way out into the ocean area to see the waves crashing into the caves. For a moment, as cliche as this sounds, I really felt one with the sea. Punctured feet and scraped knees later, I climbed my way to the top. Thank god my friends were there to pull me up. Getting down there was truly the easiest…



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