Before Morocco I had a fortune from a cookie that read “you will be traveling and coming into fortune” . I placed it inside a small bag, which I use as a wallet, for safe keeping. I thought it would be know..

As I strolled with a friend through a major souq in Rabat, i found myself amazed by how vast it was, and how it differed so greatly from the U.S and Korea. Busy with people, busting with energy, the smell of street food (that I have not yet grown to trust) really made the entire experience.It reminded me, in ways, of the outdoor markets in Korea, but still it differed so greatly. I purchased a lovely flowing shirt with a tiger on it. Maybe cost roughly 10 bucks, and I’m completely in love with it.

Upon hailing a taxi, I soon realize with my friend and I that my wallet was missing. Beginning to panic, my friend gave me a hug and proceeded to give me a handful of money. He really was a big help with reducing my anxiety of loosing my wallet (which was a small bag) in Morocco. I was silly and by mistake this morning threw that that smaller bag in my back pack in a rush. Inside of it consisted of all my money and credit cards as well as identification. It was gone forever, and I headed back to my host families house to make an attempt at explaining, in arabic, that I think my money bag was stolen. Upon return to school the next morning, I am told there was a call that a man found my bag. Apparently it must have fallen out of my purse. He tracked me down because I had a piece of paper in the bag with the phone number to the school on it. When he arrived at the school, and gave me my bag back, everything was intact. In fact, he would not accecpt any kind of reward..he just said In Arabic to me over and over “Money is not a problem for me, please just watch what you do”. That’s when I found the fortune in my bag..”you will be traveling and coming into fortune”…yes…I was quite fortunate. Words cannot describe how incredibly grateful I feel to that honest man, and the luck by my side..

The Souq of Rabat, Morocco


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