Moroccan Desert

another amazing view

“What am I doing with my life…” The above is a simple quote from my roommate I had when we stayed in a hotel somewhere in the mountains of Morocco. We awoke to sunshine, birds, and the greatest most beautiful surreal view I have ever encountered. Endless beautiful mountains and the sight of the Sahara desert in the far distance. That was our destination for today. The day before simply consisted of a long drive, visiting wild monkeys, and stopping in at a hotel for the night. The real adventure began in the morning. As we drove to the desert, we passed by many Nomad camps, and interesting, basically ancient civilized houses. It was interesting to see this because it made me see life in a different perspective; my life is mine, and it’s astounding to see how it can vary from person to person as you change destinations.

beautiful view

~let’s fast forward a bit: now comes the time I pick my camel! And up I go, and we’re off! A 2 and a half hour camel ride to our sight. Who ever said the desert is boring? it’s so fascinating and vast, I believe I’ve fallen in love with it. “The sand in my eyes feels like paradise. Climbing sand dunes, and reaching for the moon.” I kept singing over and over again to myself. A little tune I made up while I sat under the stars in the beautiful Sahara night-time sand! The camp sight was amazing; I felt so much like a nomad. It was a feeling of fantasy but in complete reality. Tents were available, but it was so warm everyone moved their pillows and bed-pads outside. As did I, along with my group of friends I have gathered here in Morocco. During dinner I encountered wild cats in the desert. So skinny, I almost thought they were unhealthy. But they’re desert cats; what do you expect? They all started out rather skittish but once I started offering them my chicken tagine(traditional Moroccan dish) they began to take a liking to me..a little too much. In the middle of the night those little stinkers made their way to my bed-pad and plopped themselves on top of myself and my friends. Everyone was rather annoyed with me; I always attract cats but it’s something they will just have to get used to 😉 One cat beckoned me to follow it at 3 in the morning. Unsure why, I followed him a great distance until I came over a small dune to see a different camp sight.

Kind of an awkward photo; but that tea sure was good! I turned back still unsure what this cat wanted, but it was an amazing walk that felt so much like a dream…my favorite part of returning to my bed-pad at night was having to pass by our line of camels. A feeling I can’t explain, but as I looked into the distance to see the endless Sahara, the beautiful sky, the unique camp sight, the desert-specific outfit I bought at a market here in morocco, with a scarf wrapped around my head and the line of camels I really began to think “What is my life? Who am I? What am I doing?” in the most amazing sense of course.
meow :) Sahara Kitty
our camels

Tomorrow is Monday; more classes which I always fancy, and my host family said they want me home after classes so we can go to the super-market together. Tomorrow will be a chill day, which is what I need considering I have not truly slept, aside from 2 hours in the sand, in well over 24 hours.

 [read more on my adventure in Morocco at ]


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