Meow Meow! qata qata~

Oh Morocco. How I love the endless cats. 🙂 There’s is a small colony of kitties who live near the ally I live in; that’s how I usually recognize that I’m in the right place – by the cats around! It’s fun, and so cute. but honestly, more than anything, it’s sad. Most of them are sick, starving and unhealthy. A group of friends and I took a walk today and found a random little outdoor cafe. I got a giant plate of food, two glasses of Moroccan orange juice (really good btw) and it came with fries, a little rice and bits of pasta – main part was a giant clump of chicken, all costing less than 6USD (yeah, wow.) …of course, I shared over half this chicken with a couple cats, haha. I had to be sneaky about it..I’m sure the owner would not like me doing so. But it was just a kitten, begging for food…….I don’t care if you think I’m doing more harm than good, I could not help myself while I stuffed my face and a baby starving cat begged for food….I don’t have it in my heart. Besides, Moroccans for the most part seem friendly with the cats. The worst I have seen is someone bend down and just..literally ask the cat to leave. ahaha. I don’t see much chasing or shooing. The cats don’t mind people, and most of the people don’t mind the cats! Then again, Islam is heavy on the moral of respect for animals. A lovely aspect! 🙂

Anyway, I’m beat. Good night!

Edit: reflection; scratch that. Some Moroccan’s can be cold horrible people towards animals. It’s just depressing. I’ve watched kids and adults alike kick, throw and torture cats like a sport….ugh.

kitten inside restaurant
kitten inside restaurant

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