Morocco in 2 short days!

Yes, the time has finally come! On Saturday I hop on a plane to Rabat, Morocco where I will be spending the next two months of my life! With dedication to this next amazing chapter in my life, I have dedicated a powerpoint to learning some of the basic Arabic Language! This Powerpoint is made especially for those with little to no Arabic study (I didn’t even include any of the Arabic script as I know how hard it is to read it especially as a beginner) And although I know my imperfection is great, I still believe this could be helpful to those interested in Arabic! I have some very very tiny mistakes I noticed in the powerpoint but it’s all harmless little grammar tid-bits that most natives would not even notice! (like, i might have forgotten to put what we refer to as “AL” (THE) in arabic in some places) I will be posting all about my trip here on my WordPress (and on my tumblr so follow me and stay posted! 🙂

Maa’salama! (Bye!)



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