CONFIRMED: Morocco bound!

Guess who just booked her ticket to Rabat, Morocco? Yeap! Me! 🙂 with that, it’s official that I will be studying at Qalam wa Lawh Arabic language institute in Rabat, Morocco! This institute has been very prompt with responding to all my emails. They have confirmed an airport pick-up for me, which will take me to the school – to which after I check in and pay my invoice my host family will be contacted to pick me up and thus would start my 8 week journey in Morocco! Best news is, it sounds like my university is going to grant me Fin. aid for this trip! be it with loans or some grants I already have, if everything works out alright and they approve it, I’ll be able to get direct travel insurance and aid from my university 🙂 This is just getting better and better!

Speaking of traveling abroad, I’m looking forward to apply for all these other scholarships I am trying for, to study abroad next spring and next summer as well. For Spring 2014, i’m trying to a full scholarship to do Semester at Sea (life long dream…..) and some funding for a semester in Akita, Japan. (I’d choose Semester at Sea if I got both because it goes to 13 different countries and Japan! ahhh~i want it!) I’m also going to be applying, yet again, for Arabic Critical Language Scholarship and a Scholarship to Oman as well.

If I don’t end up doing a semester abroad I will probably travel to Indonesia or India 🙂 (indonesia hopefully on a scholarship) but if I do a semester abroad, I’d miss Arabic and thus have to make it up over the summer.

Either way, traveltraveltravel.
My poor family is a nervous wreck, but after my success in Korea, they have grown to trust me that much more 🙂

سوف أذهب إلى المغرب، المغرب مرحبا!


2 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Morocco bound!”

  1. You are such an energetic lady!
    I am moved to waych you enjoy your youth.
    Hope you master arabi and maybe korean.

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