Bye Bye Korea :(

The last two days of the program have come to a rapid end, sadly. What I regret most, which seemed to be mostly out of my control, was the lack of connection I formed with the other scholars. I didn’t connect with anyone here, so I felt like I missed out on a small bit of the experience. Though I tried, I just felt like the odd ball wherever we went, no matter what. I was always paranoid no one wanted me around, so a few times I kinda locked myself away in my own bubble But, least it won’t hurt to say goodbye for the most part. Goodbyes to those you grew close to always suck, glad I won’t have to feel that this time. Regardless, I was still able to get along fairly well with everyone, and experience Korea to the best of my ability!

My host family stay was fantastic, she took us to an underground shopping mall in Gangnam, and alll around Seoul! In the morning, lunch, and night, we had home-cooked meals that we helped prepare! Even made sushi! She was so incredibly kind, and I’ll be posting her information on my blog soon for anyone interested in doing a KoreaStay with her! (by her request! Her house is welcome to all those interested in KoreaStay)

The last day was nice as well. I managed to find a small group to travel around with, where we went to a ton of different shopping places. Places that would be named “sketchy” in the U.S, but here it’s just pure culture. Crowded, cramped, random, yet amazing and special! We eventually sat down and ate these Korean Pancake things (forgot the name!) for a while, drinking Korean wine, munching on onions and kimchi and the pancakes – this place we ate at was a specialty place, meaning it only served what I mentioned above. We later traveled to a different area and had another pancake, but this one was sweet, like a desert! I loved walking by all the random food stands of people cooking various foods – even strange things I have never seen before. Including silk warms! I ate one – tasted meh. At the end of the night we did Karaoke for about two hours. Karaoke joints in Korea and way too cool to describe. Seriously, just go.

What amazes me most is the amount of Korean I managed to pick up. from “take me here” or “where’s the bathroom?” or “I need some cough candy” I feel very proud with what I learned, and I’d love to formally study Korean one day!

To wrap this up, it’s time for me to start packing up! 8am sharp we leave for the airport. 😦 great, another 13 hour flight! I hope I manage to get a better seat! ugh. I hope coming back will be nice. I decided to skip Wednesday to relax, heal up, and work on make-up assignments  I’ll return to classes on Thursday; this will be hell.

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3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Korea :(”

  1. Hi, this is sookyoung imo who hosts you.
    It was so wonderful to be your host.
    You are such a sophiscated girl.
    Hope all the expieriences in Korea make you to grow and reach your dream.

  2. I think the pancakes that you are talking about are called jun. 준 🙂 they are made with flour and whatever else you want. Jun is pretty much the pancake part and then you add the name of whatever you put in there 🙂

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