As I held my face clung to the window – as was the usual for me, starring out a window in a foreign country is amazing – I watched the bus pull into the DMZ of Korea. Peaking around at the beautiful wildlife and greenery that has made itself home since the Korea wars ended, I was again amazed. But more enthralled with the red signs and fences saying ” do not enter beyond this point; random land mine zone” Though the war has been over for 60 sum plus years, landmines still reside and remain hidden among the DMZ area – some of which impossible to be found unless triggered. I couldn’t help but imagine myself as a warrior rushing and dodging landmines – hurr, childish.

We had the fantastic opportunity to travel inside one of the tunnels that were secretly created by North Korea during the war – dunking down because the passage was so small, water dripping, cold, smelling of pure gravel..it was interesting to say the least, and at the end there again was another fence to prevent us from continuing. Passed that point on, apparently, there are more landmines that have not been deactivated or set off since the war. I find it hard to believe, because some maniac could easily hop the fence and blow up the whole DMZ that way. Then again, I don’t know, I’m sure if someone were to attempt that precautions would be taken. At the end, we were only 500 feet from crossing the border underground. Inside the tunnel I felt more like a warrior.

At the peak of the DMZ building were binoculars, I could clearly see North Korea and a small village area inside of it – it felt strange to see it all so clearly. Knowing what the North has done, what they might do, and the conditions of its people, i felt so useless starring into such a miserable country, who’s leader is clearly aware of it’s lack of everything and does nothing of it but instigate war…I just gawked..nothing more …I am no warrior.

Saw Gagnam today as well, shopped a little, ate food – came back. Everyone else is clubbing, partying…Not feeling that tonight, I’m going to get a good night’s rest.


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