Hello Hello, South Korea! :)

It hit me I was actually in Korea when I first got off the plane and made it into the front of the airport; a friend and I walked into a small store to buy something to drink. Almost surprised, I saw an Aloe Vera drink! In the states, I can only find these at Asian exclusive stores, and they cost an arm and a leg…but god, they are so good. It was 1,000 won

My next major experience was the welcomeing dinner – kegs of beer for everyone! …wait, what? They mentioned for us not to “over drink” and being “drunk” is prohibited. When they first said this I was confused “so..we’re allowed to drink?” Not that it mattered to me, I’ve always been weird when it came to this subject – I just don’t like it. But apparently, it’s the Korean experience, with the drinking age being only 19. (or for some Americans 18, because Koreans calculate birth a lot different) It didn’t feel like it was about being wasted, or getting drunk, but having a great drink to wash the meal down with! I peaked over an at all-guys table and their toast of beer made me smile – something seemed so cheerful, and brotherly about it.

The food at the welcome dinner was amazing as well! I tried things I’d never tried before, and ate some of my favorite food! (Random tid bit: instant Bimpmbap on the plane was absolutely lavishing..and stuffed sweet roles. GO GO GO KOREAN AIR!) The only thing I didn’t like was the raw shrimp. Now now, meow, I usually love raw seafood, but I’m not so sure about shrimp. I squeezed it and the guts poured out…no thanks. Even for me.

My rommate triggered some strange alarm in our hotel room, I died laughing at that. We managed to turn it off. The room is lovely, with a great view of Seoul on the 8th floor, a kitchen, washing machine, nice bathroom – no complaints.

^the pic does no justice, but believe me the view was spectacular. I would stare out into the soul of Seoul every night while I slept, with my bed stuck next to the window. ❤

Also, some of the public potties here heat your bum. YES. You heard me right. You know, like what they have in some cars? They have that in public potties here. Excuse me if this is TMI, but when I sat my bum on the seat I jumped up. Good god….it was so hot. Before that though, I utilized the sanitize wipes they actually provide, so you can clean the seat first. There were also buttons on the potties, like a bade would have, water and what-not. …..Why can’t the U.S be this sanitary? In the U.S, when in a public bathroom, for me, it’s like building a nest. I carry around my own sanitary wipes, or have to build the seat with paper. It’s ridiculous.

(for now all I’ll be posting is text. Later when I return I’ll add corresponding photos with it. 🙂 so remember to check back even after the 27th!)


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