mauna willy falls- Nostalgic Bliss

This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been to this water fall before, I know one day I’ll return! I found this picture while poking around Google, and the nostalgic bliss of my past returend. I lived in Hawaii for almost four years, and I can’t tell you how bad I regret not taking full advantage of it. But allow me to tell you, this was one of the most amazing things I have ever set foot on. Mauna willy falls within the valley of Oahu Hawaii. You hike straight up a moutain to get to it, and it’s takes about two and a half hours. But, I can’t tell you how amazing it is, and how it  is completely worth it. You are always hearing the tropical birds around you, and always smelling fresh fruit. If Hawaii is not in a drought, you’re always in slush and mud, but it’s a type of mud you would feel almost clean rolling around in. (Maybe that’s just me, I’ve always been one to connect with nature, and some of “dirtiest” things just feel so natural and pure to me. )  There’s something new around every corner. Half way up you make it to a pond, surrounded by small waterfalls. I remember hoping from rock to rock to avoid stepping in the slush that was found in this area – step in it and you’re stuck! I remember making it about an hour and a half in, and you find yourself so high in the sky you are left with an almost God-given awe. It makes you almost believe you’ve made it into heavens gates itself. I remember sitting down in the valley surrounding the almost-peak of the mountain, sitting with my father, resting and eating peanuts. I remember a large flight of wooden stares you have to endure near the  end, but when you reach the top, it takes your breathe away (to say the least). You see a beautiful waterfall, and under it a natural pool. You can even climb the waterfall and jump into the pool (which is around 8-10 ft deep) the water is freezing, but you get used to it. I remember climbing so high one time I found a crack where the water fall is – when you go through the crack you enter into a smaller valley with another small water fall! I recall my knees trembling with half excitement and half fear when climbing that high, and my dad telling me when it’s quits and when we should jump down to avoid slipping. (because if we got too high, we’d no longer be above the pool of water, and if we fell, it would not be pretty)

…I remember the last time I was there…I was floating on my back in the water, and looking up into the clearing…”This is it. We’re leaving Hawaii soon. Take in all you can Danielle, this place has a magical touch”  I said to myself, when I absorbed my last moments in paradise.

After that, I had forgotten about Hawaii and Mauna willy falls. I recall first coming to North Carolina, and having to deal with more torture and bullying than I dealt with in Hawaii. My social awkwardness worsened, and I enetred into a dark state of mind. I knew I missed Hawaii, my freinds, and the beach (which was my back yard) – I knew I regretted taking Hawaii for granted, and complaining as much as I did – but I never really understood what exactly about Hawaii that I missed so much… untill I started to dream.

My sense of adventure and my love for nature traveled with me to North Carolina, and I befreinded the sad, desolate, dead forest in my back yard. In my yard I had a swing made for me, that was tied to a tree. I’d swing for hours on this swing, drowning away my sorrows and apathy to the life I currently lived. I would take the trail in my back yard, and explore the woods. I’d fall asleep in the woods, even when irritated by bugs and the fear of being mauled by a bear or shot by a hunter. I would exlore though the deepest abandonded trails, analyzing everything around me, just trying to escapse the world. It was nice, but didn’t quite quench the thirst I craved.

But then, for over a year I began to have these  reoccuring dreams…dreams involving a valley with a waterfall, and the rain forest surrounding it. I’d dream of me entering my back yard in North Carolina, and I’d jump over a ditch we have in our woods…but when I’d jump over the ditch,it was not the half-dead forest surrounding my house in North Carolina – but it was a valley…a beautiful valley…with a sense of nostalgic bliss. I’d dream of souls at rest being in the valley with me, and of beautiful healthy animals around me. I can’t tell you how many times I had these types of dreams…and now every time I see a picture of a valley, I feel dead. Yes. I said dead. I feel nostalgic bliss coming from within my heart, and my soul that was affected by Hawaii itself. I feel as if I am at peace, in a perpetual fantasy created by the hands of God…in other words…i’m in heaven when I have these dreams….I could not pin point why I felt so much nostolgia from these dreams. I realized later that it was Mauna willy falls and Hawaii that influenced these dreams..but still, there was something very different about this place, it was more amazing than Mauna itself…I feel like I’ve been there before, many times, but at the same time, I know I have not (in reality).

It’s been almost five years since I left hawaii, and it’s been nearly two years since I stopped having my reoccuring dreams.

Two years ago I opened a book titled “Mythic Places” and I turned to a section that had a picture of a beautiful valley. This picture was described by a man, who said he saw this valley when he was at the edge of life, and had almost died. He described this place as Heavens gates. It’s similar to what I’ve seen, and what I’ve felt in my heart. Except I have not only seen it, but I’ve been there. I’ve been to Heaven, I’ve seen Heaven. little pieces of both Heaven and Hell both exsist on earth, you just have to find them. The hell is too common, and I’ve been there too. The Heaven? It’s only hard to find if you can’t see it….and I’ve seen a little peice of heaven, and I carry it with me everywhere I go, remembering it, cherishing it, and knowing that this life may be hard, but the after-life can be so beautiful – if you make it there. My after life exsist in the beauty of love, friendship, and nature. Call me cliche, but my heaven is being one with everything around me, and being connected with nature itself. My heaven is the image of Adam and Eve, before the snake exsisted.

Presently, I remember my paradise, I remember this bliss. I was lucky enough to see the beauty of our world, and I thank God for it every night. And more so, I’ve grown so much since when I first came to North Carolina. I’ve found myself in a pool of darkness far too often, but by the grace of God I’ve been saved more times than I can count. Such as finding a certain someone in my life who has helped me to see who I am, and where I can be,I’ve managed to overcome everything. I’ve learned to love mself..and my days are becoming brighter and brighter, and my nights always seem to have a nightengale reminding me of hope. And while many blessings have entered my heart in the past 5 years, I still will never forget the peice of Heaven I carry with me eveywhere I go.


2 thoughts on “mauna willy falls- Nostalgic Bliss”

  1. Wow, this is so extremely profound and beautiful Danielle! I wish that people who consider suicide could learn to value life in the eloquent yet vivacious way that you do. I too, love to help and serve other people. Lately, I’ve dealt with several of my dear friends who are either desperately lonely, miserable, experiencing dangerous situations, or who are trying to get attention by attempting suicide. If they could see what you see now, or feel the beauty that surrounds them, or realize their true potential, I believe they could be significantly happier and more open to viewing life with a bit more hope and faith. Forgive me for being so wordy, but this story truly brought me into a more contemplative state of mind. Thank you for sharing this. I tend to gain a lot more insight on the purpose and course of life when I read messages like these, where people have put a great deal of thought and emotion into expressing themselves. =)

    1. Omega, thank you! And let me tell you, everyone, anyone, even those in the deepest and darkest pits of life, can find beauty and happiness. I’m sure your friends will come through, even if you have to give them a little push!

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