Uganda: KONY 2012

Tonight, I discovered something within myself, by learning more about the Kony 2012 calamity.

For those of you who do not know what it is: I ask you to watch this video
Now take a look at everything from a different perspective;

It has become common knowledge throughout time that horrible calamity’s and genocides happen often in Africa.
We grow up knowing this basic fact. Some don’t know any specifics, they just know something bad is happening over there, but don’t care to look into it. Others know some specifics, but still do nothing. Some pray every night, which is something on its own.

I was one of those people who knew terrible things happen in Africa, but I didn’t know much. However, with the recent uproar with Kony I was introduced to something more. And I have realized something important:

I know the corruption in our world is vast, so much that we may be unable to keep up with it all. But where does it end? Does it end? I know one day I want to do something…something that will cause a difference in this world. I don’t know how I will do it, but I know I will…and I know I am not the only person who thinks this way.

With the KONY 2012 uprising there have been some mixed opinions…and I feel as if I am in the minority here. I’m having trouble with getting my point across.

Some people will blindly jump into the KONY 2012 program, donating, wanting to feel like they are doing something….and some will say that because of this we will go no where. That KONY 2012 is biased propaganda with no real research behind it. Which I agree with to some extent. What people fail to see is that KONY 2012 can potentially cause something bigger and better to launch. I believe in the power of the voice of our people. (our people. the world)

I may not be that well spoken, nor do I have the best writing skills..but I know there is something amazing going on here.
I’ve seen some contradictions to some opinions:

I told someone that I believe in a possible hero This person disagreed with me, saying there will be no hero but rather a combination of society, stepping up to make a difference.(100% agree!) However, keep in mind, this same person is against KONY 2012, saying it’s propaganda and a waste of time and that we should do our own research, and form our own ideas. KONY 2012 is exactly what you wanted! People are uniting, donating and coming together to help a cause! It may be a simple program, but face the facts the people of our world are simple minded! KONY is bringing so many people together, and making so many people aware. For every one person that knows, he/she will spread the word…and eventually millions and millions of people around the world will know about this problem. Individuals will venture off on their own and contribute the best they can in result. So listen to me: Even if KONY 2012 is a simple minded biased program, who cares? The video I posted received over 11million views in two days. ONE video initiated this uproar. I wasn’t fully aware of the Uganda issue until this program was launched. Because of this program more and more people are aware, and some of these people will work to make a difference. Even if a program such as KONY 2012 only ends up saving one life, I believe that’s an amazing accomplishment on its own. One life saved is huge, and one life lost is too many. But with over 11million people viewing this video, if only 1 million of them were inspired by KONY and manage to save one life..that is one million lives saved…

I know I must not be making any sense,

but what I am trying to say here is that one little thing can lead to something huge. So why not just spread the word about KONY or any other disaster that has happened? Someone will hear you, someone will be inspired, and someone will make a difference.
Eventually, the power of unity will illuminate. And I believe unity is power, and together we can all make a difference.
it begins with an idea, and spreading that idea. Don’t let others discourage you please. You have to take a chance to help our world. Even if what you do seems so small compared to how huge our world is, it is still something…and little somethings will add up over time, trust me.


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