Hello world!

Tonight I’m starting a blog, my first blog.

The reasoning is simple: I wish to reflect upon my journeys later. For right now I feel with all my heart that I have a journey soon to begin! I am anxious and ready, but also unsure.

Throughout life I have had dreams, and a feeling that I was made to do something one day. Something significant. However, I wasted many years with a chip on my shoulder. I let other children, and yes, some adults get to me. I let myself get carried away with influence, and trouble. I was joining the trend of suicide, and if not for one special thing I would still be in that trend. I was saved. Two years ago I was saved. don’t ask me how…because I don’t seem to understand how it happened. But I am so happy to be the person I am today…so happy I changed for the better and I thank God every day for this blessing.

I went from a being a young girl with horrible school grades, constant depression and no friends…to someone with initiative and bravery. I have friends now, and supporters behind me. While the enemies that remain do remind me of my past, they also remind me of who I have become and how I have grown.

I am someone new.

So much in my life has happened, so many fantasies I have held on to.  Certain people I love more than anything, and certain dreams I cherish. Through this blog I will reflect upon my past, speak of the present, and acknowledge my hopes and dreams!


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